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Why Use IPCed Trained Caregivers?

When hiring a caregiver for it’s important to know that your loved one is in capable hands.

Unfortunately most states have little or no regulation when it comes to caregiver training.

Not only is it unwise to trust the care of your loved one to an untrained worker, it's potentially life threating.

When you hire a caregiver from an agency listed on this website, you can rest assured that your caregiver has had training in the following areas:

  • • Communication
  • • Client Rights
  • • Elder Abuse Prevention
  • • Human Needs and Development
  • • Body Systems and the Aging Process
  • • Common Chronic & Communicable Diseases
  • • Recognition of Medical Emergencies
  • • Measuring Vital Signs
  • • Proper Nutrition & Hydration
  • • Maintaining Good Mobility
  • • Fall Prevention
  • • Emergency First Aid
  • • Infection Control
  • • Skin Care
why use certified caregivers