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Parkinson's Care Certification

Certification Overview

Individuals with Parkinson’s disease have a wide range of abilities and challenges. A caregiver with Parkinson’s Care Certification will be prepared to help the person maintain their independence and mobility as long as possible while understanding some of the special needs of the person in their care.

Course Outline

Includes 12 hours of training in these topics:

  • Building an Effective Program
  • Communicating with Others
  • Promoting and Maintaining Good Mobility
  • Nutrition and Hydration; Special Diets and Fluid Intake
  • Elimination and Toileting
  • Providing Personal Care
  • Managing your Work and Avoiding Caregiver Stress
  • Differing Dementias
  • Preventing Suicide in the Elderly
  • How to Assist with Transfer and Ambulation
  • How to Perform Range of Motion Exercises
  • Safety in and Around the Home; Fall Prevention


Parkinson's Care Certification