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End of Life Care Certification

Certification Overview

End of Life Care Certification provides caregivers with an understanding of patient needs, grieving and loss, as well as the unique concerns of the family. This program helps caregivers develop a deeper understanding self-care and an understanding of hospice and palliative care. If your loved one needs care during the final stages of their life, select a caregiver who is certified in End of Life care.

Course Outline

Includes 8 hours of training in these topics:

  • Managing Pain
  • Taking Care of YOU - Avoiding Burnout
  • Staying Happy and Healthy
  • Body Systems and the Aging Process
  • End of Life Care
  • Managing your Work and Avoiding Caregiver Stress
  • Care Goals at the End of Life
  • Grief and Loss - Care team and Family


End Of Life Care Certification