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Dementia Care Certification

Certification Overview

This certification program is for caregivers who want to enhance their skills and better understand person-centered care for the individual with dementia.

Course Outline

Includes 23 hours of training in these topics:

  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Signs and Symptoms
  • Dementia from the Person’s Perspective
  • Diagnosis and Progression
  • Diagnosis and the Caregiver’s Role
  • Learning to Communicate Through Dementia
  • Daily Care:  Bathing and Dressing
  • Daily Care:  Toileting and Grooming
  • Helping Families Cope
  • Supporting Families of Individuals with Dementia
  • Environment: Creating a Sense of Calm
  • Environment: Routines and Consistency for Comfort
  • Activities: Creating a well-rounded program
  • Activities: Stimulating Memories and Interaction
  • Preventing Weight Loss and Aspiration
  • Nutritional Goals and Therapeutic Approaches
  • Challenging Behaviors: Prevention through Acceptance and Communication
  • Challenging Behaviors:  Considerations for Client Rights
  • Challenging Behaviors: Diffusing Dangerous Behaviors
  • Challenging Behaviors: Intervention and Follow up
  • Managing Pain in the Client with Communication Challenges
  • Appraisals and Care Planning
  • Care Planning and Setting Care Goals
  • Wandering and Exit Seeking


Developmental Disabilities